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Etiquette Dinner

12 Apr

The way a student eats and drinks can determine whether or not they get hired after graduation. Barbara Lang, former career advisor and owner of the Etiquette Factor filled Hewitt Union Ballroom with students who were eager to learn proper attitudes and actions that could be helpful when involved in the job searching process.

Lang says that her goal is to help students be etiquette ready for any circumstance that they might be thrown at in their future.
“What I want them to be able to gain is confidence. To be able to move forward and know how to navigate in situations that are familiar, unfamiliar, awkward and down right embarassing. I want them to know how to pick themselves up and to minimize the collateral damage and to be able to really act in a way that is a benefit to other people,” says Lang.
All attendees were asked to dress in business attire to make the experience as professional as lang would like it to be. She demonstrates proper ways to handshake, explains which hand passes the bread and which one passes a drink, how to act polite in a restaurant, and which fork to use and when.

Lang gave students several pointers, such as when you face a full setting of knives, forks, and spoons, you should work from the outside in. In other words, use the flatware the furthest from the plate first. The one exception is the salad fork – it is usually closest to the plate.

At the end of a course, place your used utensil on a flat dish. Do not leave a fork or spoon in a bowl or cup.

Between bites, your utensils should rest on the edge of your plate. Your knife rests on the back of your plate; your fork sits on the side of your plate.

This year, wine was not offered, but for students who are looking to be more knowledgeable on the pairing and tasting of wine, they can look forward to next falls ettiquette dinner at SUNY Oswego.
Reporter Ali Stewart, Oswego Now.