SUNY Oswego New Partnership with NACME

12 Mar


SUNY Oswego has recently partnered up with the National Actions Council for Minorities in Engineering in order to increase a diverse STEM workforce for the future.

After SUNY Oswego President Deborah Stanley signed an agreement this past summer to finalize the partnership, admissions counselor Christie Smith has visited numerous partnered high schools to see how NACME was assisting them.

“I went into a school in New Jersey and every student had an iPad, every student was given, no, every student was given an iPad,” said Smith “And their technology was well in advanced.”

With the assistance from NACME, students are able to see what other career paths there are.

“Ok, engineering, computer science, this is kind of where we are going in terms of society these is where the jobs are,” said Smith.

The science building that is currently under construction, is seen as another opportunity for students to have all of the amenities at the finger tips.

“With the new science building coming in, it’s almost perfect timing,” said Smith.

With being the first SUNY school to become part of this partnership, SUNY Oswego faculty saw potential in bringing more diverse students to Oswego to study in the fields and pursue careers.

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