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Student Media Organization Election Collaboration

11 Dec

By Mike DeWolf

OSWEGO- November 6th, 2012 was a day to remember for the 3 media organizations at SUNY Oswego. After months of planning the big day was upon them and it was time to put all the hard work and planning into play. Mike DeWolf the News Director from WTOP was pacing back and forth anxious and ready to get everyone into place and ready to go. Professor Riecke and Ritzenthaler were also on hand with a handful of students from each of their classes to make up the social media “war” room. The show was well underway and Ben Gordon( GM WTOP) and Ammie Hirsh( Editior in Chief The Oswegonian) looked at each other and said “when is the next time we can collaborate.” Those eight words alone were significant enough to unite the media organizations and get ideas flowing for what could happen next.

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Students volunteer for annual clean sweep

10 Dec

SUNY Oswego students participating in the clean sweep.

SUNY Oswego students participating in the clean sweep.

The first 100 volunteers recieved a free T-shirt.

By: Sarah Higgins

OSWEGO, N.Y- In the State University of New York at Oswego College, over 300 students volunteered for the county’s most recent “clean sweep” that takes place in April each year.

For the past eight years, volunteers have met at the McCrobie Civic Center on Lake St., adjacent to Breitbeck Park. Here, teams are given gloves, bags, maps and directions to start off the clean sweep and to ensure that all areas of the lake are covered.

According to Ellen Wahl, the director of retired and senior volunteer programs in Oswego County, “Oswego’s clean sweep joins a network of organizations in partnership with state canal corporation.” These organizations conduct an annual canal sweep to beautify scenic waterways.

The clean sweep is sponsored by the Campus/City Relations Committtee. It is organized and directed by several members of different organizations. Many of these volunteers were student members of various Greek organizations on SUNY campus who volunteer every year for the clean sweep.


Oswego’s not-so-quiet library

7 Dec

With the last week of classes coming to an end, college students gear up for finals next week. This brings large crowds and distractions to what is supposed to be the quietest place on campus; the library. Many students study with friends, which can easily turn into an off putting conversation to nearby workers. Continue reading

Nearby construction posing as a nuisance to nearby residents

5 Dec
Construction at the nearby steam plant in Oswego has been a noisy neighbor of late

Construction at the nearby steam plant in Oswego has been a noisy neighbor of late

OSWEGO – Construction at the Oswego power plant has recently been a bother to nearby residents. The Oswego N-R-G plant has been renovating their buildings for some time now, and often times, there are loud noises and long hours of construction. These are just a couple of the complaints from Oswego citizens. Continue reading

White, Camera, ACTION!

4 Dec

By: Nicole Lacy, Collin Leadbeater, Jared Young

It is the event everyone at Oswego State searches for as soon as the men’s ice hockey schedule is released each year. Students’ eyes dart down the list of games, looking for the two words that bring the entire student body together: Whiteout Weekend.

The festivities began on Friday as the then-undefeated No.1 nationally-ranked Lakers (8-1, 7-1 SUNYAC) hosted SUNY Potsdam (4-6, 3-5 SUNYAC) in the opener of the biggest event in Oswego State athletics. The Lakers handled the Bears in a 6-0 shutout.

And while every game is important, especially one against a conference opponent like the Bears, Friday’s matchup was just the appetizer to Saturday’s main course, when the Lakers faced off against heated rival SUNY Plattsburgh (6-2, 5-1 SUNYAC).

Unfortunately for Oswego State, the team was handed its first loss of the season in the Lakers’ biggest game yet this season, with the Cardinals leaving the Campus Center Ice Arena with a 2-1 victory. It was the second time in as many games at home the Lakers lost to Plattsburgh.

Whiteout Weekend wasn’t just a big event for the men’s hockey team, but also for WTOP-10, who broadcast both games for students and fans in the community. Members of the television station set up hours before Friday’s game, making sure they were prepared for the frenzy that was about to commence.

Whiteout Weekend attracts the most fans out of any other two-game set at the Campus Center. Between the two games Friday and Saturday, 5,750 people attended, compared to 4,947 the first weekend the Lakers played at home, and 4,913 the weekend before Whiteout Weekend.

Members of WTOP have to be prepared for anything, including a fire drill at the Campus Center that caused a delay in the game and forced an evacuation of the Campus Center. The television station had to inform viewers at home about the situation while remaining on the air.

For WTOP-10, there’s more than just showing up to broadcast the games.  The crew shows up hours before the drop of the puck to ensure a smooth-flowing broadcast of the weekend’s game action.

Rugby’s Biggest Fan

4 Dec


By Nicole Lacy, Collin Leadbeater and Jared Young

Irene F. Gilman, 58, of Oswego, passed away on the evening of Aug. 17 at her home, surrounded by her family and friends. She was a part of the Oswego Rugby Family since it’s creation. Her husband Kevin, or as known by the rugby teams as “Magish” was a former rugby player at Oswego State, and later coached the men’s team, always backed by his biggest fan, Irene.

She attended every game regardless of the weather, during her husband’s playing and coaching days. On many occasions, she brought sandwiches or snacks to provide the players with something to eat after the game. During the games, Irene would cheer and berate the referees so much that the players felt as if they didn’t have to.

Irene had a great depth of rugby knowledge, including all the rules, the correct calls, and every intricacy of the game. Her voice stood out among the cheers, and she was always audible, whether one was playing on the field, or standing on the sidelines. She was so passionate, she even received a yellow card once in a tournament. The team was going to get penalized a three point penalty kick if, as Oswego State men’s rugby senior captain Connor Murphy put it, “they couldn’t keep the woman quiet.”

“She was always the loudest and most profane at the games, and we loved her for it,” Murphy said.

Irene was the rugby family’s mom. She had a special bond with each player she knew and was always there for the team through thick and thin.

“Irene would invite us over to her house for anything, a bunch of us would go over to help her put up the Christmas tree and decorate it,” Murphy said.  “Then we would have a big family dinner, she was part of the team.”

Rugby was not Irene’s only local passion. She was also a fan of huge fan of the local band House On A Spring. Whenever they were playing at Old City, a local bar, she could be found there dancing the night away with her friends.

“When I first met her, she was dancing like crazy at Old City…she shook my hand a million times and told me I was so glad I was there,” Oswego women’s rugby captain Carolanne Smith said. “Even after that she was so supportive of us and I can not thank her enough for everything she has done.”

Irene formed the bond between the men and women of Oswego State rugby. She is the reason why the teams are so close today.  She went out of her way for everyone. The whole world was her family and Irene welcomed everyone into her home. She embodied the idea that to live to help others was to grow.

When it came to the rugby family, it didn’t matter what the problem was. Whether it was help finding a job, school troubles, a place to stay or just questions about life in general, Irene was always there.

Irene was battling cancer for years and only a select few knew about her illness. She was always cheerful and never let anyone see her “down” about her condition.  She fought until the end, but she really declined after her husband’s death in 2009. She was at peace knowing the she was going to be with him once again during her final month.

Her loss this summer motivated both teams want to play even harder in order to continue to make her proud from the sidelines in heaven.  Irene and Magish were the best things that could have happened to the rugby family.  Many ruggers, including myself, consider them to be the most influential people they’ve ever met. Irene was the kindest, most caring and most selfless person, and her memory will live on forever.

Both the Wizards (men) and the Black Widows (women) fell short of the state title this year.  The Widows made it to the semi-finals but fell short to University of Rochester in a 31-10 finish and the Wizards made it to the finals but lost 31-17 against Colgate. Despite these losses, both teams had terrific seasons. The Wizards decided to use a new offense which really turned things around for a team that started off 0-2. The Widows continued to run and work hard at practice. The Wizards will lose three out of their four captains as they head into the next season as Connor Murphy, Julian Torriente and Rob Ruhland will graduate in December 2012. The Widows will have a full returning team.